Things I Won’t Miss, 1

Published November 16, 2012 by Elspeth

I recently heard this song by Chris August playing from my daughter’s laptop and appreciated the opening lyrics:

Everyone’s got their own opinions
There’s nothing they don’t know about
But in the end nobody’s winning
‘Cause nobody’s got it figured out

Oh the things we think we know
But honestly we really don’t
This side of heaven

Save the worry, stop the hate
It doesn’t matter anyway
This side of heaven

It was hard not to recognize myself in that. If we’re honest with ourselves, we all probably see a bit of ourselves in it. The tendency to major on the minors is even more pronounced online. I appreciate the challenge to support my arguments with facts and Scriptural truth rather than anecdotes and feelings. The past few years have given me a crash course in the ideal of iron sharpening iron.

There is a point however where it degenerates into something more sinister, less about finding truth and more about winning and being right. Perfect strangers become enemies over all but nothing. That is one thing I will not miss about the blogging dialogue.

I am trying to learn to turn my attention to the weightier matters. It is a constant prayer of mine. The more I focus on what’s truly important, the more I recognize the folly of forgetting that my life isn’t hindered by your choice to do things differently.

No matter how wrong you are.

3 comments on “Things I Won’t Miss, 1

  • Ha!

    I like the ending.

    That was my favorite part, too.

    In actuality, most of what we bicker about ONLY matters this side of Heaven since life isn’t a dress rehearsal.

    But I still liked the song. It’s catchy.

  • I wish someone would say exactly what the minor and major issues are…even the bible leaves me confused about it…not to argue over the” meaning of a word” I think I know that the basics should be Jesus son of God…God come to earth to die on a cross for all our sins and be resurrected into eternal life that we all can freely have if we confess his name as our saviour, the bible is Gods words to us ” an instruction book for earth living” then I do not compromise on any of that but people are calling marriage or abortion and other things minor issues argueing of “the meaning of a word” which I concider major issues and yet I see people have formed different churches over things like length of hair , dress , etc.which I concider more minor issues ,, I mean if it was 120 humid degrees on some island with no air conditioning I would not think it immoral to shave all your hair and go naked if everyone else in the society was fine with it.(I would think it was wrong to offend someone).

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