The End of the Road

When I decided to abandon this blog, I thought I’d experience a sudden desire to feverishly write all the posts I’d never gotten around to writing over the past 6 years.  There were topics I deliberately avoided, such as why I believe Catholics are part of Christ’s body when so many Protestants do not. I didn’t avoid these topics out of fear, but rather because some issues are so charged that reasoned, constructive dialogue often proves nigh impossible. Besides, I decided long ago that there are some things above my pay grade and I don’t want to fight about them.

I no longer want to debate strangers online. I have an online community of believing sisters with which I have vigorous debates, but with more transparency and the resulting higher level of discourse. It satisfies that desire to share my crazy patriarchal ideals with people without having to duel random strangers who happen to click by on their way to find something else online.

The only other topic that has really interested me of late is the yearly absurdity of conservative Americans’ insisting that there is a “war on Christmas” when it seems that the true meaning and origins of Christmas has been a subject of intense debate among Christians in recent years. Brenda was just the latest person among many I’ve encountered who expressed wariness about whether Christmas is a Christian holiday at all. Longtime readers will recall that several years ago I shared an encounter I experienced with a real life acquaintance concerning whether Christmas is kosher,🙂 . This year, same as last, we are celebrating Advent, so you know where my husband stands on the matter. My desire to write anything more extensive has waned, but if I do decide to write it, you know where you can find it.

I said all of that to say I guess this is it. It’s been a lot of fun, and I have plans to send a personal note to some of you before years’ end, but our ongoing mass roundtable conversation is wrapping up today. The delicious links tab will remain and I’ll still be bookmarking things of interest to me. If you want to know about any interesting links I’ve read, subscribing to that might be an option.

Two of the things I plan to divert my time to in the new year are reading more books, and learning to sew something that doesn’t shape like a rectangle. You’ll be able to find the occasional book review over on TC as well when I read something that truly moves me or is just interesting. My eldest daughter is building a Pinterest page and when I accomplish anything of note as a seamstress, I’ll get her to post it. So if I don’t have your email address, make sure I get it if you just want to know what I’m up to as the New Year evolves.

I wish all of you the very best, and I pray God’s best and most gracious gifts for each and every person who reads or has read this blog since 2007. Be well.

By the way,  if you’ve never commented here before, say hello before I permanently close comments on New Years’ Eve. Please?

31 thoughts on “The End of the Road

  1. Congratulations on making a decision that is best for you, your family, and your life right now. Your blog often made me think, so I thank you for all the writing you have done in many years I have followed you!

  2. So sorry to see you going. I’d hope you would change your mind, but best wishes on this next stage of your online ‘life’. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading you and some of the characters, lol, who used to comment here.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


  3. Bless you Terry. It has been an honor reading your posts over the years. Even back to the blogspot days. I haven’t been commenting much on your posts lately, but they all are appreciated. I’ll make sure I subscribe to the other blog where you also contribute.

    Take care,

  4. I am sorry to see you go, but so understand the reasoning behind it. I often pop over just to see what is on your mind. Thanks for the encouragement when I was a new mom to a little girl with ethnic hair.🙂

  5. Your writing has often challenged me to reconsider some of the attitudes (particularly concerning marriage) I’ve unconsciously held for years. Thank you for your willingness to share your heart with the world.

    May the Lord richly bless you as you follow His leading, dear friend.

  6. You guys are the best, really. I have seen how the level of discourse on some blogs can be and you have made this a pleasure for me to do. I will miss most of you, and others I fully anticipate staying in touch with.

    @ Heather: I can’t even begin to express the ways you have stretched and encouraged me with your comments, public and private. Thank you.

    @ Elusive Wapiti: See you around the ranch,🙂 .

    @ Karly: You are so very sweet and encouraging.

    @ Jo: I’ll literally be seeing you. No reason for either of us to feel sad.

    @ Eric Stratton: You sir are a class act. I appreciate your way of expressing your uniquely masculine truisms with humor and wit.

    @ Mary Ellen: Loved the pink dress. I’ll still be following you for style inspirations, even if I’m largely silent.

    @Byrd: Thanks for the challenging and insightful additions to our conversations.

    And to those of you who came out from the shadows to comment for the first time, I appreciate you as well. Thanks so much for what has really been a fun ride.

  7. I hate to see you go but such is life. I just want you to know that you were a blessing and I looked forward to what you had to say each time. I will definitely look for you on Traditional Christianity. I would love to hear how you are doing throughout the year also.
    Take care. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family. Renee

  8. Elspeth, I would like to thank you for your constructive contributions to various debates and discussions in various places around the interweb. I have no doubt that we will continue to see you and hear from you as time goes on. I wish you and all your family well.

  9. I’ve read you from time to time over the past couple of years and have really enjoyed your insights. Thank you for sharing your heart with us and now, for following God’s call for what is next. May you be blessed in your new adventures and see His guiding hand upon you.

  10. Thank you, Elspeth. As I wrote before, you made me think about lots of topics. May God grant us grace to meet one day in His presence.

  11. How I found my way back to your blog tonight is all too bizarre so I won’t explain, but it is.very.bizarre. I actually found your blog years ago and LOVED it. I just loved how you wrote and what you wrote and so much resonated with me. Then I went to find it one day and it was blocked to strangers like me! So I guess life went on….until today when I found you again…only to find out you are leaving! Oh the irony! Anyway, I just want you to know that there were/are people out there like me that are nameless but really enjoyed the things you had to say. Blessings to you as you choose what is best for you and your family!

  12. Elspeth, I am a 30 year old engaged male who has been a lurker for the better part of 2 years now, but I’d just like to say that I’ve learned a lot from this blog and it is has been refreshing to see your perspectives and your stories and they have certainly helped shape my thinking. Reading your serious stance about student loan debt have been a blessing; I wish I could have encountered such a line of thinking before I got sucked into the system. At least it’ll stick with me when, God willing, I have a family and it’s time to consider such things. May the Good Lord bless you and your family.

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